Dietmar Edtmayr

Licensed Feldenkrais-Teacher in Linz

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What is Feldenkrais?

It's a tricky one as each individual has a different approach to different topics and have different understandings of definitions or concepts. I try to reduce it to the lowest common denominators.

What ever you might want to do - Feldenkrais can help you to improve.

It is a way to interact with yourself in a curious, investigative and playful but first and foremost respectful way. This also means selfreferential and selfresponsible. It helps you get in touch with yourself in a way that will be applicable to every other aspect of your life.

You learn how you deal with yourself right here and now and find out whether YOU actually think/feel/sense if it is approprate that way and how you could change. It is about finding your personal appropriacy, regaining resilience and for actualizing your individual potence.

You might want to deal with:

  • Increasing your overall mobility and flexibility - physiological, psychological and social
  • Troubles with your back
  • Coordination - with all aspects you could relate to it
  • Personal development
  • Depression, Expression, Impression
  • Individual performances (singers, actors, acrobats, artists, instrumentalists, athletes)
  • Stress related issues
  • Overall physical and mental potential and vitality - like mentioned above
  • Repetitive/chronical pain matters
  • Rehabilitation