Dietmar Edtmayr

Licensed Feldenkrais-Teacher in Linz

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Portrait Dietmar Edtmayr

As long as you can change
                              there is no need to fear life.

I am working with babies and old timers and all those in between.

- with some because of acute or chronic pain
- with others to address developmental issues or degenerative illnesses
- to improve the performance of artists and athletes
- or the wish for individual evolving, well being and growth


From personal experience I can assure you that even after sever injuries and other grave challenges it is possible to regain resilience to allow for living an active and happy life.

Most difficulties can be addressed positvely with the Feldenkrais Method.

Feldenkrais-Lessons in Linz - send me an email, if you want me to start a group tought in english
or call me for further information: 0650 62 65 664

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