Dietmar Edtmayr

Licensed Feldenkrais-Teacher in Linz

Children also have needs for clarification in many contexts that can be addressed via Feldenkrais.

This may concern difficulties in concentration and/or learning, accidents, postural or developmental issues.

general/specific development, balance, spastic, scoliotic situations, cerebral palsy, hand-eye coordination, hip related difficulties, bed wetting - just to start a list for applicability

In every case I will do my best to improve the probability that my clients - as little/young as they may be - can reach their individual potential in life and to offer tools to parents and care givers to be able to support the learning and development of their beloved ones the best ways possible.

In my work with children I am aplying the Feldenkrais method® and the JKA® Jeremy Krauss Approach for working with special needs children based on the Feldenkrais method®.