Dietmar Edtmayr

Licensed Feldenkrais-Teacher in Linz

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A question of style

It ain´t whatcha doin´,it´s the way how you do it.

I want something, therefore, I create an image of how it should be done and how I might accomplish the mission.

As I (habitually) „like“ to let myself be guided by my prefixed recipes, Feldenkrais helps me to break my action down into little pieces that will most likely blur the connection to the genuine purpose. This helps me to peel away from my habitually reduced and caved patterns. This brings me closer to a childish innocence which is highly beneficial for learning as it doesn´t have to judge but can, frankly and freely, choose the best option for the present situation. I am required to be aware and to realize differences in order to be able to accomplish a careful and innocent implementation of my intentions. I am more capable of using a different range of options with all my realization and internalization skills.

How shall I choose “right“, if only a feeble fraction of the actual existing range of possibilities is being taken in consideration? They say children and drunks don´t hurt themselves. They don´t need to think about how they should do what they want to do, because they are innocent enough (for different reasons though) not to shorten their options by prefixed and sadly reduced concepts. But I would rather like to move towards childlike innocence than towards insobriety.