Dietmar Edtmayr

Licensed Feldenkrais-Teacher in Linz

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What you are doing

Regardless of your age, physical condition, fitness or movability.

Group lessons – playfully and possibly with minimal effort you explore options of movement according to verbally given directions. By doing this you experience how you can move more easily, effectively and smoothly (possibly with less or even no pain).

Individual lessons - I will mainly touch and move you. According to your individual situation you will lie, sit or stand and I will (mainly manually) clarify possible discrepancies so your system can improve functional connections within itself.

What happens

  • While you investigate various options of your movement and improve its ability you refine your self-perception and discover habits and unnecessary limitations.
  • Coordination, fluidity of movement, selfconciousness, mental and physical movability,  will all improve and thereby of course you as one whole human being.
  • You learn and change for the better – consciousely and/or subconsciously.

How does it work:

Here it becomes a little more difficult to give a brief and understandable description. (please continue reading)

Friendly, respectful, curious, and self-responsible are the most matching qualities I credit to the method.

Friendly: Because you want everything you do to happen in a pleasant and painfree way. In the course of this praxis one very probably as well starts to move more elegantly, kinestetically and beautifully.

Respectful: Because you accept the existing conditions in a nonjudging manner.

Curious: Because you want to find out what to choose within the existing, rediscovered range of possibilities. Because you want to know how it works better, more pleasant and elegant.

Self-responsible: Because nobody except you is in charge within yourself.

I cannot do anything FOR you, I don´t know your individual answers. But I might know some questions that are interesting for you. I accompany you onto your own very personal playground, where you can playfully explore possibilities safely to discover and learn. In it lies my additional intention to introduce the method to you that further on enables you coninue your journey without relying on me.